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RainBows! by fawfulmk-II
So yeah, we just had a Pride Parade up here in Seattle, and Facebook has that color converter thing, but one thing has bugged me ever since seeing them.

These Rainbows. THEY HAVE NO INDIGO.

What Madness is this? all these fights for equality, and yet no Equal Representation of the Rainbow  color spectrum? this I could not allow, so i created my own symbol, with Indigo proudly there for all to see. Expose the Hypocrisy! INDIGO EQUALITY MUST BE MADE!!!

...really though, good on you lot who were effected positively by the news last week, and I hope you have fun. Indigo needs more respect though.
Level Concept Graph by fawfulmk-II
Level Concept Graph
..Well this happened. while drawing a hypothetical idea for the HUD on Graph Paper, there was enough space  on the bottom that I could in fact put the Avatar back on the bottom section Like I originally considered.  I like the TV idea too much though, so now I'm thinking what the hell would go in that Dead space? probably have to discuss that with Ben.

next I'm gonna try using this PyxelEdit thing, so you can probably expect some sprites to come next.
Level Concept  2 by fawfulmk-II
Level Concept 2
An expansion of the Level Concept 1, with the respective slots covered over by the pictures. due to spacing, the meters and player avatar were moved upwards, which I kinda like the meter positions of more. the Game Releases/Industry news slots were merged into one, being broadcasted on a TV you can switch  by clicking on. By the way, the headline on the TV is in fact a jab at a certain incident that happened in gaming news-can you guess what?
Level Concept 1 by fawfulmk-II
Level Concept 1
Another concept "art"..well not really art, this is sort of a placeholder of where what is supposed to go where on the HUD screen. the more finished version shall be up in a bit.

the updated version can be found here:…
Puzzle Pieces-Critic Quest by fawfulmk-II
Puzzle Pieces-Critic Quest
more drawing art for the Critic Quest game I'm working on. this is just ideas of some of the Icons that can be used for the various puzzle pieces, all parodies of well known Social Media sites! the "Opinions" and "Facts" pieces are not 100% final, but would add a nice touch in my mind-they would work kinda like the Skulls from Puzzle Quest. I came up with the idea of them after seeing Inside Out :P

more art coming soon!
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Heeyy, it's me again.  Little heads up, I'm gonna start drawing again..honest!

So like I said, I have done a lot of shizz, and while some things are still being worked on(like the whole "finding work and a new place to live" thing), others have turned up good-for example, I am helping someone come up with some games hes working on with Clickteam Fusion, so you can expect character art and level sketches from those works to come up to.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Remember that  Shooter game I uploaded way back yonder?(of course you don't.) 

anyway, that lovely will see  a return soon as a rebooted game I myself plan on working on, with either Game Maker, Clickteam or Unity(leaning towards the latter), which of course means I need to resume my studies of programming. good too, since I never really got past finding out what Hexes were in Binary(yeah, ways to go, I know..)

so Good to be back, and expect to see thi SLoooooooowly return :D


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You are correct, madam.
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Okay awesome. :D
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yeah,it actually is one of my favorite anime now(and I'm gonna try and get around to reading the spinoff mangas too!) I actually amplanning on doing some fanart soon, but I need to find some old magazines for the design. yep.
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Oh cool can't wait to see. :D
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